Mike Richardson March 7th, 2019

Update: Omneo 2019: Weeks 8 + 9 Release

As well as adding new features and capabilities to our core Omneo platform. We’re focused on bringing the client community a range of options for plugins that solve for opportunities complementary to Omneo’s common use cases. This library of solutions is built by a growing community of certified Omneo contributors. To learn more about these plugins, or to design your own, speak to your implementation partner.

New Features

  • Omneo Me mobile app now available with the following features: - User information including status, tier, rewards / points.

    • Invite, track invite, resend & copy link functionality for peer to peer referrals

    • Integration to Prismic CMS for home content and banner + settings

    • Authentication with Salesforce Commerce Cloud for single sign on between ecom site and Omneo Me + account creation.
    • Update user information
    • Update marketing preferences
    • Android and iOS capable
    • Supporting over-the-air code push


  • Plugin - Omneo Invites

    Omneo Invite plugin now available with the following features:

    • Embeddable in-page or stand-alone web app
    • Invite users by email address, copy link

    • Resend invites

    • Track invite accepts
    • Opt out (with blacklist), decline
    • now supports blacklisting of domains. E.g. block all invites for .."@example.com.au"
    • Automated and configurable invite expiry reminder emails

    Admin interface allowing:

    • Manage invites: create, delete or update

    • creation of invite definitions including validity period of invite (days); and statuses that are available to invite

Mike Richardson February 21st, 2019

Update: Omneo 2019: Weeks 6 + 7 Release

New Features

  • Omneo Mobile App can now authenticate to Salesforce Commerce Cloud, allowing seamless transitions from in-app CTAs to store-based browsing and actions.

  • Released Omneo PassKit to closed Beta clients: Omneo PassKit is a framework providing Apple Wallet and Google Pay integration for Omneo profile data.

  • New webhooks added:

    aggregation.updated: External systems can be notified when a profile aggregation has changed. redemption.created: sends notification when a reward benefit or point has been redeemed

  • Three new calculated fields added:

    likely_country : predicted country or residence for the customer based on a 4+ separate inputs. likely_country_score: confidence weighting for likely_country (range 1-5, 5 is most confident) purchased_brands: Ordered array of brands the consumer has purchased from, in sorted order of purchase date.

  • Omneo now has a native plug in to SendGrid. Allowing the sending of payloads triggered by events. E.g reward created.

  • Omneo now sends aggregation updates to Campaign Monitor. Providing more fields for marketers to segment and contextualise.


  • Resolved issue preventing profile identities attaching to tier webhook when created.

Mike Richardson February 5th, 2019

Update: Omneo 2019: Weeks 4 + 5 Release

New Features

  • API importer: now enables the importing of profiles into Omneo via API. UI to follow in subsequent release.

  • Manually edit and expire rewards on a customer record - For clients looking to remove a reward that was applied manually (outside of Omneo).

  • Introduces a new Omneo ID plugin - securely manage access to your Omneo profile. Enables third-party applications to request tokens on behalf of Omneo profiles for use on web front-ends and mobile applications.

  • Overnight store syncing from AP21 to Omneo updated to prevent in-store updates being overwritten. New custom field added store-sync. If store-sync is false then store info will not be synced. (only in effect for select client instances).

  • Added the ability for a profile to have multiple of the same ID. e.g. two emails, three phone numbers etc.

  • Extended the PHP sdk to allow for custom attribute management

  • Extended the PHP sdk to allow for improved identity filtering.

  • Clients now have the option to accept only first name, rather than first and last name compulsory.


  • Resolved an issue preventing Shopify syncing all fields to Omneo via webhook.

  • Resolved issue blocking complete updates on select definition fields

  • Resolved issue sending reward emails if email_benefit = false

Mike Richardson January 22nd, 2019

Update: Omneo 2019: Weeks 2 + 3 Release

New Features

  • Added new data to 2 column view for admin/dashboard interface: staff, location, payment, item etc. Enhancing the view for business users.

  • View and manage Targets in Admin: https://[ENVIRONMENT].dashboard.omneo.io/settings/targets

  • Business users can now click on a reaction to view it's log details in Admin Interface

  • Feature pack for applying rewards in Shopify checkout. See documentation here: https://github.com/omneo/omneo-shopify-checkout-rewards

  • Added preferred_location and joined_location fields to profile management in Dashboard

    Added email_bounced display to profile comms area in Dashboard

  • When Sendgrid (Omneo email engine) reports consistent bounces, Sendgrid sends webhook to update relevant profile as opt out, and email bounce flag in clientelling interface.

  • joined_location Now collected from Shopify plugin.

  • Mailchimp sends a 'cleaned' webhook when an email has been marked as unresponsive/bouncing after many attempts.

  • Added the ability for an Omneo profile to have multiple of the same ID. e.g. two emails, three phone numbers etc


  • Created documentation describing use & implementation of Omneo Shapes.

    Document here https://omneo.zendesk.com/knowledge/articles/360000423556/en-au?brand_id=700808


  • Send email notifications ( when reward is created or going to expire), only when profile's email benefit is true.